S    t    o    r    y    t    e    l    l    e    r

Kenny Kemp


"A well-deserved student Oscar nomination."

-- Video Librarian


"An inspiring drama that shows the creative way love can be expressed. Kids and grown-ups alike will remember this one."

-- Rainbow Productions

"Young adults are sure to identify with Randy's frustrations as he finally awakens to where his real problems are."

-- School Library Journal


"A valuable lesson for all ages that love is an action verb."

- Linda Thomson, TPI

Silver Apple

National Education Media Network

Children's Choice

American Library Association

Best of Fest

Rochester International Film Festival

Best of Fest

Breckenridge Film Festival

Academy Award Nominee

Student Oscars

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Golden Eagle


Council on International Nontheatrical Events

Two Award-winning films on one DVD

Wildest Dreams

A rock 'n roll  adventure about believing in yourself


And you thought your day was bad. Randy Sloan is afraid to go to sleep. When he does, he is plagued by nightmares where a man in black tries to kill him. A gifted but blocked composer, Randy is struggling to write a song for his idol. rock star Russ Calvin. When Randy's girlfriend Sara gets him a meeting with Calvin, Randy comes unprepared. Predictably, he is curtly dismissed by Calvin. Outside the recording studio, Sara lets him have it: "You are your own worst enemy!"

    And then the real nightmares begin. The man in black haunts Randy's dreams, doggedly determined and focused -- everything Randy is not. When Randy finally confronts his nemesis, he gets the surprise of his life.

    Of particular interest to young people, this is a story about believing in one's self and struggling against the odds -- especially those we create ourselves.


An amazing true story of compassion and love

When Julio Esperanza is diagnosed with cancer, he must face his own mortality for the first time. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments leave him sickly, thin, and bald. When his own daughter doesn't recognize him, he is overcome with grief and retreats into loneliness and despair.

    But faith and hope light the way as Julio's family and friends discover a remarkable and unique way to share his burden. Their creativity and humor are a living example of the transcendent power of love. No man is alone who has such friends and Julio Esperanza was blessed with dozens of them. 

    This award-winning film is based on a true story.