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Kenny Kemp


Expertly presented and notated, informed and informative, this book is an invaluable addition to the growing library of World War II memoirs and histories. -- Midwest Book Review


B-24 Liberator  

The Collings Foundation's B-24J Liberator, currently painted in the livery of the famous 8th Army Air Force bomber, has been on nationwide tour since 1989. Visiting airports all across America, and with the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, Witchcraft reminds us of the courage of the Greatest Generation. This book is colorful and informative homage to the B-24 Liberator in general and this hard-working airframe in particular, which has unarguably logged more airtime than any of the more than 18,000 that were built between 1940 and 1945. Truly one-of-a-kind, Witchcraft is the rarest bird you'll ever be allowed to touch, much less fly in. 



Dad Was a Carpenter will take only an hour or two to read, but the subtle life lessons shared within will remain with the reader for a lifetime. 

-- Midwest Book Review


Kemp's soft voice and gentle tone, coupled with crisp, smart cover and interior design make this book a winner on many levels. -- Writer's Digest


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Dad Was a Carpenter

A father, a son, and the blueprints for a meaningful life 

On the day before Christmas, Kenny Kemp raised his father's heavy garage door and began clearing out what O.C. Kemp had spent 40 years filling up. It was four months after his untimely death from Lou Gehrig's Disease, a painful time in which no answers came. Why him? Why now? Why, God?

    But as Kenny worked the answers slowly came, preserved in mayonnaise jars full of straightened nails, hidden in workbench drawers, secreted in the tool collection, and waiting patiently in a 30 year-old piece of green plywood -- precious relics which spoke in silent eloquence to the greatness of a man who never knew he was.

    Dad Was a Carpenter is the story of a humble man with poor eyesight, gapped teeth, and no hearing in one ear who, throughout a lifetime of quiet courage, earned the respect of his friends, the devoted love of his wife, and the honor of his children.

Flying with the Flak Pak

A Pacific War scrapbook  

Here's the rest of O.C Kemp's story begun in Dad Was a Carpenter. He wasn't always a father. Once upon a time, he was a 20 year-old young man in search of his destiny. WWII had just broken out and he, like all his friends, was eager to serve. He joined the Navy, but was instead placed in the Army. A transfer sent him to aviation cadet school in the Army Air Force. Eventually, in spite of his disabilities, he became the commander of a B-24 "Liberator" bomber on 16 harrowing missions over the Philippines, China, and Japan.

     Join O.C. and Crew 23A of the 865th Squadron in this remarkable scrapbook filled with more than 1000 photos, maps, and illustrations and watch the Pacific War unfold before you in an incredibly memorable way.