S    t    o    r    y    t    e    l    l    e    r

Kenny Kemp

The Far Stars 

A new 4-book sci-fi adventure series for YA readers 

11 year-old Daniel Flynn lives on a ranch in Colorado. It may be 2025, but Danny and his mother Andrea live like its 1825: no running water and no electricity, all because Danny's uncle Malcolm has cut them off from the outside world.

   So it's a shock when a UPS hovercraft sets down in front of the house and extends a bulging package to Andrea. Dust swirls as the drone lifts off and Andrea opens the package, sees what's inside, and faints dead away.

   Danny looks at the contents, now strewn across the porch. There's a letter from the World Space Agency, a packet cryptically entitled "Benefits," and a tiny, silicon wafer with intricate tracings on the surface. But what captures Danny's attention is one sentence in the WSA letter: "We regret to inform you that after five years, the search for your husband Soren Flynn has been suspended."

   Danny stares in disbelief at his mother on the couch, still unconscious. He has a father?

So begins Daniel Flynn's adventure. Not only does he have a father he never knew, but Soren Flynn was a renowned astronaut heading a super-secret WSA mission to Alpha Centauri to make first contact with an alien species. When communications with his ship were lost, all hope for the astronauts was lost as well.

   But Danny never knew Soren was his father and now a great quest unfolds before him: He must discover what happened to his dad. His first goal: Star City, Russia, where Soren Flynn left earth for the far stars.

Over the course of four books, Danny moves progressively closer -- amid great setbacks, betrayals, and danger -- to unraveling the secret behind not only his father's disappearance but his own identity as well. Over the next seven years Danny manages to make it half-way across the world to the Asian steppes, then stows away aboard a rocket headed to the moon. He meets friends, enemies, and suspicious characters on his journey that eventually sees him accepted into the cadet corps, trained as a celestial navigator, stationed on the Mars outpost, and finally tapped as a member of the mission sent to discover what happened to Soren Flynn near Alpha Centauri.

Oh, and there are aliens, too.